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Organic Shetland Sheep Blankets

Born and bred on the Isle of Vaila, Shetland

Vaila organic wool blanket on a benchThe sheep on the Isle of Vaila are bred to sustain the historic use of land and for traditional colours of their fleece. Organic methods are used : our livestock must have everything it needs, and nothing it doesn’t need.

Our stocking rate is low to ensure maximum welfare of animals. Our breeding ewes are pure Shetland, and so are our rams, with one exception of a platinum Gotland. The local woolen mill, not 10 miles away by sea and road, processes the fleeces and makes them into the simplest, plainest blankets in natural colours and one single size only.


Vaila blanket detailWith their herringbone weave and softest finnish, rather exclusive label and silver number button, they are a much sought after luxury, and a favourite souvenir of Shetland. Isle of Vaila was the first holding in Shetland to convert to Organic status complying with the standards of Scottish Organic Producers Association.

Vaila Fine Art are the sole Shetland purveyor of Vaila blanket. Please click on any of the photographs to enlarge.

Blankets flapping on a line Please contact us at: / 00 44 (0) 1595 697374 if you would like further information about or would like your own Organic Shetland Sheep Blanket.