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Mike Finnie artists CV

Born in Kirkcudbright, Scotland, Mike Finnie moved to Shetland in 1986 where he works as an architect.

He has always drawn and painted architectural subjects and his painting has concentrated on Shetland and the desert countries of the Middle East. Living in Shetland he has developed his interests in the relationship between the vernacular buildings and the surrounding land and seascapes. Buildings are low and hug the landscape. Their relationship to the sea and land is important: their builders were dependant on the sea for livelihood and transport and on the land for materials and food. His work is also a record of a Shetland which is slowly disappearing.

He works from sketches, mostly done in winter when the sky is often dramatic and the sunlight yellow and horizontal. These recent paintings show his ongoing fascination with the patterns made across the landscape by fences and the simple shapes and amazing textures of sheds.