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Alison Harper

Alison Harper - The Golden Dome - Venice

The Golden Dome

Alison Harper left Glasgow School of Art with first class honours and undertook her postgraduate year at Oslo Academy of Fine Art with the aid of a Norwegian Government scholarship. In 1993 she was awarded the Commonwealth Scholarship for two years study in India.

She has exhibited widely in Britain and abroad including the Graphic Museum of Tokyo, the India Today Gallery in New Delhi and the Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo. She has won several awards and has travelled extensively. She was a part-time lecturer at Glasgow School of Art for five years.

Basilica di San Marco by Alison Harper

Basilica di San Marco

The work created for this show is a typical in that Harper normally works predominantly with figures, but here bar the angels from the ceiling of the Basilica di San Marco, figures are nowhere to be seen. Harper puts this down to her currently too busy life. Harper runs a small art school in London and is the mother of a small boy.

Alison Harper - Which One

Which One Shall We Take

Her busy life finds its counterbalance in this work in quiet, distant cityscapes, two of which, having dramatic and beautiful skies and ….. not a person in sight. In “Which one shall we take” a number of boats lie serenely bobbing on the water, in front of them stretches miles of open sea and a vast purple and blue sky.

In “The Golden Dome” again a vast distance is depicted, with the beautiful golden dome of a Church as the focus, a magnificent great, holy sky rolling above, and a swathe of greeny-blue water below.

Harper - Under the Bridge

Under the Bridge

“In under the Bridge” and “Basilica di San Marco” a quirky, more playful style is present with the houses looking like great big sweeties and the river like a cartoon Canaletto, an artist from whom Harper professes an influence. All the works are small; sixteen by twelve inches, and this lends an intimacy to the paintings which juxtaposes with the grandeur and unashamed escapism of the views depicted.