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Peter Davis

The Crossing of Paths

Peter Davis watercolour The Greening Gowrie

The Greening Gowrie

The paintings in this exhibition are inspired by the two years I spent in West Africa with VSO (2006-08). It charts a development (or a relapse?) into classic landscape painting. The paintings tend towards topographywith less "abstrction" than I have indulged in previously.

Peter Davis. Watercolour. We Come to the River

We Come to the River

The colours are bolder and more high key as befits the climate. The chief medium of watercolour, however, has not changed. A few experiments in acrylic vindicate my prejudice. Where acrylic or gouache are used they are used sparingly and to create effects which don't work in transparent watercolour, such as opaque layers or to play about with surface texture.

African watercolour Morning in Valley

Morning in Valley